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Child Custody / Visitation & Parenting Time Lawyers

Creating Child Custody Solutions

The determination of child custody can be one of the most emotional and tedious tasks of the divorce process. If you are contemplating divorce and have children, it is likely that you have many questions about provisions for child custody and how parenting time and responsibilities will be allocated.

Facilitation And Negotiation

When you have professional legal guidance from The Law Offices of Christopher D. Edmonds, Ltd., in Westchester, your questions can get answered while our lawyers diligently work with you to optimize your and your children’s interests in your parenting agreement. We can facilitate negotiations between you and your spouse in hopes of finalizing a full agreement concerning parental responsibilities and parenting time.

Under Illinois law, the court will allocate decision-making responsibilities and parenting time on behalf of a minor child(ren) according to the child(ren)’s best interests, which means the court must consider all relevant factors including, but not limited to, the wishes of the child(ren) taking into account the child(ren)’s age; child(ren)’s adjustment to his/her community; health of all parties involved; ability of the parents to cooperate; wishes of the parents; any prior agreement between the parents; distance of parent’s residences; occurrence of abuse within the household; and/or, any other factor the court may find to be relevant. Illinois courts prefer that parents work together to co-parent and facilitate a respectful relationship toward each other in an effort to smooth the transition from a one household family to a two-household family. This can be a very difficult transition for a child(ren) if the parents are unable to cooperate for the benefit of the child(ren). As such, your child’s best interests are our highest priority.

Working For Your Goals

Whether you desire to have the majority of parenting time and final decision-making authority or you wish to have a shared parenting arrangement with the other parent, we keep your goals for resolution and best interests for your future in the forefront of everything we do in your matter. Our Attorneys will always explain all available options and provide guidance at all phases in your matter.

Reputation For Quality Representation

Recognized for excellence in family law, our firm is rated as 10 Best Law Firm by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. Attorney Edmonds has been rated a “perfect ten” on Avvo and was recognized as a member of Lawyers of Distinction. Attorney Kristin Flanagan is selected for inclusion in Illinois Super Lawyers as a Rising Star for 2019.

Outstanding In The Courtroom

The Attorneys at The Law Offices of Christopher D. Edmonds, Ltd., are skilled litigators who will aggressively fight for their clients’ rights. If decisions about parenting responsibilities cannot be resolved by agreement, our Attorneys will zealously and knowledgeably pursue resolution of your needs in court.

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